Esys, in line with a market sector that is showing increasing interest and importance, specialises in the design and construction, to order, of monitoring and remote sensing systems for the solution of specific control and signalling problems, in the environmental and civil engineering fields and, in general, in all applications where remote control of particular situations is required.

It designs and builds telecommunications systems and data transmission networks, DC and AC power supply systems, remote monitoring systems to solve specific control and signalling problems in the technological, civil and industrial fields and, in general, in all applications requiring remote control of specific situations.

It designs and manufactures electronic devices such as energy conversion systems, analysis and measurement devices, automatic control devices and energy saving devices. It designs and manufactures technological systems for civil and industrial environments, such as data transmission, electrical, telephone, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, active and passive safety systems, photovoltaic and wind power systems.

It carries out electromechanical processing for the production of electrical panels and mechanical processing for the production of single or serial parts. It designs and develops software such as supervision systems, management systems and web-based applications.

With a staff of engineers and architects, Esys offers engineering services such as design, supervision of works, testing and safety coordination for construction and plant engineering works.

In years it has expanded its range of services by offering the development and provision of consultancy services and management and corporate training in quality, environment and safety.